Rainwater colection systems

For the management of rainwater recovery, in addition to aerial and buried recovery equipment, The PTIP proposes the peripheral equipment ensure the proper functioning of the installation.

  • Rainwater Filter

Made of HDPE can be installed buried upstream of a reservoir or at the man’s entrance of the reservoir, designed for the filtration (leaves, small branches, etc.) of rainwater from the gutters

Strengths: integrated and removable stainless steel filter (600 microns), reduced height, anti-intrusion closure cover,
allows outdoor water network connection for compensation when needed.

Technical Information
675 x 620 x 360mm, 1 1/4″ water lead, inlet/outlet
DN110, weight 8kg

  • Pumping Group


Group designed for continuous water supply. When the rainwater level in the tank is excessively low, the group automatically switches to the water from the external network and inversely, as soon as the water level of the tank is sufficient.

Strengths: contains electropump, three-way electrovalve, level buoy, HDPE reservoir with threaded lid.

Technical Information
Dimensions: 900 x 300 x 730mm
PTIPGD11: 26kg, 1 kW / 6.6 A

1 – Reservoir 60 liters
2 – Unloader security
3 – Outdoor water supply 1″ with float
4 – Threaded lid
5 – Electropump
6 – Feeding tube 1″
7 – Pressure toostat
8 – 3-way electrovalve
9 – Suction tube 1 1/4″
10- Power cord

  • Operating Principle

Dimensions 900 x300 x730 mm
Weight 26 kg (100 lb)
Solenoid valve 3-way – 220V – 1″
Pressure 220V – 50Hz
Maximum pressure 10 bars
Adjustable minimum boot pressure 1.5 to 3 bars
Power 220V – 50Hz
Power 1 kW
Consumption 6.6 A
Weight 16 kg (16 lb)
Maximum suction height 3 mt
Diameters Connections
External water connection 3/4″
Unloader DN32/40
Aspiration deposit 1 1/4″
Power 1″